2014. november 9., vasárnap

Fall on the Countryside

Last week, I went and explored the border of the village I live in (of course I taken my camera with me).

2014. október 28., kedd

Before All Soul's Day

Yesterday, I went to Budapest with Veronika and I made some photos (homework, homework, homework). We werw in a graveyard, a very beautiful graveyard, there some more pictures:

2014. október 18., szombat

The Random Question Tag

Hi, everone! It's me, I come back with The Random Question Tag ^^. Thanks to Veronika from Reading Is Dreaming with Open Eyes for tagging me. I'm going to answer 18 random questions, I hope you will enjoy it. so here we go:

2014. szeptember 18., csütörtök

A Sunny Afternoon

After spending the most of my day making pictures with my analog camera (because of school), I wanted to make some with my digital camera, too. I saw this beautiful flower in our garden (it has vanilia scent) and thought "I wnat to take a picture" and here it is.

2014. szeptember 14., vasárnap


My dear dog got tried because i chased him with my camera to take a picture. (he is afraid of the camera, I have no idea why) I didn't post in a while thanks to school but I try to make pictures that I can post on my blog.

2014. augusztus 31., vasárnap

My Seven Deadly Sins

I'm participating in The Seven Deadly Sins Book Tag thanks to my dear friend Veronika from Reading Is Dreaming With Open Eyes who kindly tagged me (even through I'm not mainly a book blogger). So here we go, my seven deadly sin (muhahaha):